Disability Policy

Revision Date: 08/08/2023 by Charter Australia

Purpose and Scope

This policy outlines the commitment of Charter Australia to ensure that individuals with a disability can access, participate in, and achieve their learning goals within our training environment. This policy aligns with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005. We are committed to treating every individual with fairness and respect, whilst also being transparent about the limitations of our resources.

Policy Statement

While Charter Australia aims to provide equal opportunity for all students, we acknowledge our limitations in supporting individuals with certain disabilities due to resource constraints.


  • Disability: As defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, which can include physical, mental, intellectual, sensory, or psychiatric impairments.
  • Reasonable Adjustment: a measure or action taken to assist a student with a disability to participate in education and training on the same basis as other students.

Enrolment Process

  • At the enrolment stage, prospective students are requested to inform Charter Australia of any disabilities.
  • Based on the disclosed information, we will assess our capacity to support the student's needs. If we determine that we cannot provide the necessary support, we will inform the student promptly.

Access and Participation

We commit to providing reasonable adjustments, where necessary and feasible, to ensure that students with disabilities have equal opportunities to participate in and complete their training.

Support Services

We will provide students with disabilities access to relevant support services, which may include counselling, alternative formats of course materials, and assistive technology.
Where external support services are required, we will assist students in accessing these services.

Referral Services

If Charter Australia determines that it cannot support a student due to limited resources, we will endeavour, where possible, to refer the student to alternative RTOs or institutions that may be better equipped to provide the necessary support.

Training and Awareness

All staff members will receive regular training to ensure they understand their obligations under this policy and the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.
We will actively promote awareness of disability issues and this policy to all students and staff.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

  • Any information regarding a student's disability is treated with confidentiality and will only be accessed by authorised staff members for the purpose of determining our ability to provide support.
  • Disclosure of disability by students is voluntary but strongly encouraged to ensure clarity on the level of support we can provide.

Feedback and Concerns

  • Feedback regarding this policy or any related matters is always welcomed.
  • If students or prospective students have concerns or issues related to this policy, they are encouraged to contact the Education Manager for further discussion.


This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure that it remains transparent, fair, and in line with legislative requirements.


  • All staff members are responsible for upholding the values outlined in this policy and for ensuring that prospective students are treated with understanding and respect.
  • The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the enrolment process concerning students with disabilities and for addressing any related concerns.