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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I find the course start date(s)?
Please refer to the intake dates provided on the course page of the program you wish to enrol in. 

How do I apply for a course?
Visit Enrolment Steps page.

What vocational courses do you offer?
Charter Australia specialises in health services education and training. You can view all the courses we offer at Courses page. 

What are the entry requirements?
Visit the Entry Requirements page.



How do I find out how much a course costs?
Visit Fees Information page.

Is there any government support available?
Government subsidy is available for eligible domestic students. Visit Domestic Students page for more information.



Do you provide job placement assistance?
Charter Australia actively works to facilitate connections between employers and our students. Visit Jobs page for job opportunities.


Student Support

Where can I find my student ID?
You can find your student ID on your training plan and confirmation of enrolment, which will be sent to you by email before you commence your studies.

What does the expected completion date mean?
The expected completion date mentioned in your confirmation of enrolment and training plan indicates the latest date by which you are expected to complete your course. Students are required to finish their classroom training and fulfil any necessary work placements before this date. It's worth noting that many students receive their certificates prior to the expected completion date.

Are tutoring services available? 
Yes, tutorial classes are available every Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, and students can attend these classes either online or in person. For Certificate IV in Leisure and Health course, tutorial classes are available online every Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Can I apply for the catch up class if I missed one class
Yes, we will arrange a catch-up class at the end of the regular class training for students who have missed a class, subject to availability and vacancy in the same class. Please note that fees may apply for catch-up classes.

Am I eligible for a concession Opal card? 
Domestic students enrolled in a full-time study course may be eligible for a concession Opal card. Students can check their eligibility for the concession Opal card through Transport NSW. Once we have successfully uploaded your course registration information to Transport NSW, you will receive an email from Charter Australia with instructions on how to apply for the concession Opal card on the NSW Transport website.

Do you provide extra support for non-native speakers?
Yes, we do. We have a multilingual support team that can assist students who speak Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean, in addition to English. Furthermore, we offer certain courses delivered in Chinese.


Work Placement

Do you arrange work placement for students?
Yes, we will arrange the placement for students. Charter Australia has a work placement agreement with multiple facilities across Sydney, allowing students the options of work placement. The list of available facilities is accessible to students from the beginning of their studies.

Can I find my own facility to do the work placement?
Can I find my own facility for the work placement? Yes, you can. However, certain requirements and an agreement need to be met between the student, the facility, and Charter Australia before you commence your work placement.

I currently work in a residential care facility. Can I use my current workplace to complete my work placement
Yes, you can. If your current facility is able to assist you in completing all the required work placement tasks, you can provide an employment confirmation letter to apply for the work placement at your current workplace.

What should I prepare for the work placement?
Students should complete the "Preparation for Work Placement" module, which will provide them with an understanding of the requirements and guide them on how to undertake their work placement.

When can I book my work placement?
Students can begin booking their work placement at the beginning of their class training. However, the actual arrangement of the work placement will take place once they have completed all their class training.

Do I have assessment tasks during the work placement?
Yes, there will be assessment tasks assigned during the work placement that you will need to complete.

What are the minimum hours required for the work placement?
Each course may have different work placement requirements. Please refer to the webpage of the course you wish to enrol in for relevant information.



Can you provide information on alumni success stories?
At Charter Australia, we take pride in the success of our alumni. We have had hundreds of graduates who have successfully gained employment at nursing homes and hospitals. We encourage you to visit our Google review page, where you can find feedback from our students and learn about their success stories.