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International Students


Charter Australia welcomes International students. For important information on what to study, how to enrol, and how to find an international agent representative, see the links below.

What can I study?

Study internationally options available for recognised qualifications:

  • International Student (IS)
  • Special Entry International Student (SEIS)
  • International Offshore Student (IOS)
How to apply

Find out how to apply as an international student, what documents you need, and get visa information.

Agent Representatives

Agents are authorised representatives of Charter Australia. They can help you in making your application to Charter Australia.

Entry Requirements

Charter Australia has entry requirements for admission into courses.

Work on a Student Visa

Get all the information you need to make the most of your time studying and working in Australia.

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Charter Australia focuses on providing training that leads to employment. Our students learn practical skills and knowledge which are highly valued in the Australian workplace.