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HLTSS00083 Infection Prevention and Control Skill Set

Course ID: HLTINF006


This skill set provides individuals working in a range of industry and work setting contexts with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply basic infection prevention and control principles including implementing standard and transmission-based precautions and responding to risks.

Infection prevention and control is a matter of concern for every business regardless of industry sector or location and is not limited to aged care or medical industry businesses. Wherever there is a risk of infection to your staff, colleagues, customers or the public you should ensure that your staff are trained in implementing the infection control and prevention policies of your business.

Award Issued

A Statement of Attainment of HLTSS00083 - Infection Prevention and Control Skill Set will be issued following successful completion of this course.

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn a range of skills, including:

  • Hand hygiene practices
  • Effective surface cleaning
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Disposal of contaminated waste
  • Hazard identification, control and reporting 
  • Appropriate protocols and responses in the event of an incident
  • Knowledge regarding the basis of infection and transmission
  • Respond to potential and actual exposure to infection risks
Duration: 1-day
Requirements: 18+ and LLN
Language: English
Offering: Group and in-house

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites or corequisites that are applicable to this course. For Charter Australia’s minimum entry requirements, please visit Entry Requirements page.

Delivery Mode

Mixed with self-paced online study and an one-day face-to-face class.

Please refer to the "Classes" section on this page for the available class commencement dates.

Group training for a minimum of 10 people can be arranged at your premises.


Assessments for the course:

  • Written Task
  • Practical Demonstration

Fees & Government Subsidies

The course is fully subsidised by the NSW Government with no tuition fees payable by eligible students. To find out if you are eligible for government subsidies, please visit Are you eligible for subsidised training? page.

For participants who are not eligible for government subsidy, course fee will be $250.

Pathways to Further Studies

A Statement of Attainment of HLTSS00083 - Infection Prevention and Control Skill Set will be issued following successful completion of this course. The unit of competency of the skill set HLTINF006 - Apply basic principles and practices of infection prevention and control can be used to seek credit transfer towards achieving an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualification.

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