Current Students

International Student Support


On this page you will find information on how Charter Australia supports international students.

Airport Pick-up

Charter Australia provides airport pick-up services. Students who require these services must make prior arrangements. Students should contact Charter Australia for more information or to make a booking.

Social Activities

Social activities and excursions may be organised so that students get to enjoy Sydney’s attractions in a fun and social group setting. These could include beach trips, meals at local cafes and restaurants, and sporting activities. There is sometimes a small cost for transport or admission, but students will be informed of this in advance.

Advice and Counselling

Charter Australia will ensure that international students receive adequate orientation, information and advice on accommodation, counselling, health and welfare services, emergency response and assistance in accessing bridging courses or additional educational support. Students will also be assisted with transitioning to life and study in a new environment. Ongoing advice and referrals will be given on matters such as transport, accommodation, health and welfare matters. Students will be directed to external counselling if required. A list of relevant contacts and support agencies will be provided on request and is also available in the Student Handbook. There is no cost for referrals to counsellors or external support services and the first consultation will be covered by Charter Australia.

Opening a New Bank Account

When students first arrive in Australia we can help them to open a new bank account.

Legal Services

The Redfern Legal Centre provides free, confidential advice to international students in NSW about housing problems, fines, debts, car accidents, employment, discrimination, family law, domestic violence, and complaints about colleges or universities.

For advice, please call them on (02) 9698 7277 or go directly to their offices, located at 73 Pitt Street, Redfern. For more information on Redfern Legal Centre, please visit their website:

Assistance with Complying with Visa Conditions

If students are having trouble complying with the attendance requirements of their visa or in maintaining satisfactory course progress, they should contact their trainer or the Student Support Officer who will assist them if possible, or direct them to appropriate support. If students are ill or are experiencing compassionate or compelling circumstances, they must report the matter to the Student Support Officer in accordance with the Attending Monitoring and Course Progress Policies and Procedures who will assist them.