Course Extensions for Domestic Students

Revision Date: 28/02/2024 by Charter Australia

1. Policy Statement

This policy outlines the criteria, process, and consequences for granting course extensions to domestic students enrolled in qualification courses with Charter Australia. The purpose of this policy is to ensure fair and consistent treatment for students facing legitimate challenges that may hinder their ability to complete their courses within the specified timeframe. Charter Australia seeks to assist students with a genuine motivation to complete their course by providing flexibility to course duration.

2. Eligibility Criteria

  • Active Enrollment: Students must be currently enrolled in a course offered by Charter Australia
  • Demonstrated Need: Students must provide documented evidence demonstrating extenuating circumstances that have impacted their ability to progress through the course within the original timeframe. Extenuating circumstances include:
    • Illness (supported by medical certificates)
    • Family trauma (supported by evidence)
    • Other emotional issues (supported by a letter from the Student Support Officer)
  • Academic Standing: Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by Charter Australia's academic policies.

3. Process to Apply for Extension

Students seeking a course extension must adhere to the following application process:
  • Submission process: Students must complete and submit [Application to Defer/Extend or Transfer]  form via Charter Australia’s website prior to the expiration of their original enrolment period. Students must provide a detailed explanation of why an extension is necessary and how it will facilitate their successful completion of the course.
  • Documentation: Where applicable, the application must be accompanied by supporting documentation (e.g., medical certificates, letters from professionals, or other relevant evidence) that validates the reasons for the extension request.
NB: In the interests of providing additional time for assessment completion; Extensions may be offered without application by the Academic Manager. Where this is the case, the Academic Manager will offer an extension via email and the student is required to respond to the email and accept the extension terms.

4. Approvals process

  • Initial Assessment: The Student Services Department will review the extension request and supporting documentation to determine eligibility.
  • Consultation: In some cases, students may be required to meet with a designated staff member to discuss their circumstances in more detail.
  • Decision: The decision regarding the extension request will be communicated to the student in writing within 7 days of submission. If approved, the new enrolment period and any revised training plan will be produced and given to the student.
  • Students are required to accept the extension via return email (within 4 business days) and agree to the terms and conditions of the extension (see Terms and Conditions at Annex A).

5. Extension Conditions

  • Duration: Extensions may be granted for a specified period, typically not exceeding six (6) weeks.
  • Reassessment: Students granted an extension will be reassessed at the end of the extended period to determine if further accommodations are needed.
  • Academic Support: Students receiving an extension may be provided with additional academic support services to assist them in meeting their educational goals.
  • Extension is free of charge for up to six (6) weeks. Further extension (if approved) will be subject to an extension fee of $100 per week.

6. Consequences of Not Completing Within Extension Time

  • Progress Monitoring: Progress will be monitored during the extension period by the Academic Manager of their delegate, to ensure ongoing engagement and commitment to completing the course.
  • Reassessment of Extension: If a student is unable to complete the course within the granted extension time, the Academic Manager or their delegate reserves the right to reassess the student's situation and/or cancel their enrollment.
  • Possible Termination of enrollment: Failure to complete the course within the extension time may result in restriction of access to the learning portal and/or termination of enrolment from the course. In such cases, the student may need to reapply for enrollment in future offerings of the course as a fee paying student if they wish to complete the course.

7. Smart & Skilled reporting

Where an extension is granted for an enrolment under Smart and Skilled Program, the Operations Manager or their delegate will update the student details in the SMS to facilitate accurate reporting to NSW; and ensure reporting is completed at least once every 28 days in accordance with the Smart & Skilled Operating Guidelines.

8. Review and Revision:

This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Any necessary revisions will be made in consultation with relevant stakeholders, and updates will be communicated to all concerned parties.

ANNEX 1-Terms and Conditions:

By accepting a course extension, the student agrees to these terms and conditions:
  • Access to enrolment in courses subsidised by Smart & Skilled are at the discretion of  the college and pending availability of funding from the NSW Government.
  • All extensions are issued at the discretion of the Academic Manager or their delegate
  • The granting of an extension is limited to the time specified in the offer of extension email and training plan
  • Students are required to complete their course within the extension period Extension is subject to extension fees (if applicable) is fully paid.
  • If an enrolment into a Smart & Skilled subsidised course is canceled, then a student may not access further Smart & Skilled subsidies for the same course with Charter Australia and will be required to pay a fee to Charter Australia as a full fee paying student for the re-enrolment into a course to enable completion.
  • Where enrolment is terminated through non-adherence these term and conditions, a statement of attainment will be issued to the student for any whole units of competency assessed as competent within 30 days of the enrolment cancellation