Credit Transfer Policy & Procedures

Revision Date: 27 August 2019 by Charter Australia


Charter Australia acknowledges the requirement as a Registered Training Organisation to recognise the awards issued by other RTOs. This is limited to outcomes that are drawn from the national skills framework being units of competence awarded and accurately identified in statements of attainment and qualifications.

What is credit transfer?

Credit transfer is the recognition by an RTO of learning achieved through formal education and training at another RTO. Under the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations, qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any RTO are to be accepted and recognised by all other RTOs. Credit transfer allows a student to be awarded a unit of competency based on successful completion of the unit that has been previously awarded.

When unit codes and titles are different

If credit transfer is being sought for a unit of competence that has a different title or code, then it is necessary to establish the equivalence between the unit held and the unit being sought. In many cases, this information can be found in mapping documents published in the relevant Training Package or by the National VET Regulator, who provide purchasing guidelines and mapping guides. Our administrative staff will obtain this information and validate claims of equivalence.

As a general guide, if there is no such mapping available, then we are not obliged to recognise the unit through credit transfer. In these circumstances, the applicant should be referred for recognition in accordance with our Recognition policies and procedures.

Evidence requirements

An applicant will be required to present his or her Statement of Attainment or qualification for examination by Charter Australia. These documents will provide the detail of what units of competence the applicant has been previously issued. Applicants must provide satisfactory evidence that the Statement of Attainment or qualification is theirs and that it has been issued by an Australian RTO. Statements of attainment or qualifications should be in the correct format as outlined in the Australian Qualifications Framework, Second Edition, 2013. The applicant is required to submit only copies that are certified as true copies of the originals by a Justice of the Peace (or equivalent).

Credit transfer guidelines

The following guidelines are to be followed when an application for credit transfer is received.

  • Any student is entitled to apply for credit transfer in a course or qualification in which they are currently enrolled.
  • Students may not apply for credit transfer for units of competence or qualification that are not included in our scope of registration.
  • Whilst students may apply for credit transfer at any time, they are encouraged to apply before commencing a training program. This will reduce unnecessary training and guide the student down a more efficient path to competence.
  • The student does not incur any fees for credit transfer, and we do not receive any funding when credit transfer is granted.
  • Credit transfer may only be awarded for whole units of competence. Where a mapping guide identifies a partial credit, this will not be considered for credit transfer and the applicant will be advised to seek recognition.
  • Credit transfer will only be issued when the student’s enrolment includes at least one other unit of competence for which the student is participating in training or is seeking recognition. A student may not enrol only for credit transfer.



The following procedure is to be applied by Charter Australia upon receipt of an application for credit transfer.
  • Step 1 We will provide sufficient information to candidates to inform them of opportunities for alternative pathways via credit transfer and credit transfer policy. Ideally, this information should be provided to candidates prior to enrolment.
  • Step 2 To apply for credit transfer, the applicant must complete the online Credit Transfer Application Form and attach the required supporting documents.
    • Go to the Credit Transfer page and fill out the online form at the bottom of it
    • attach a certified copy of the qualification or Statement of Attainment; or
    • activate permission via for Charter Australia to authenticate the USI transcript
    • an enrolment application for the training program applicable to the units of competence for which credit transfer is requested.
  • Step 3 On receipt of the application, we will check the qualification or Statement of Attainment for authenticity and grant credit transfer for the units of competence that have been completed at any other Registered Training Organisation.
  • Step 4 Where the units of competence do not align with the units of competence requested, further information is to be sought in the form of Training Package mapping guides or purchasing guides.
  • Step 5 Verified copies of qualifications and Statements of Attainment used as the basis for granting credit transfer must be kept on the student file.
  • Step 6 Verify the issuing training organisation’s status via
  • Step 7 Students will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application. This may include issuing statements of attainment or qualifications awarded through credit transfer in accordance with our Qualifications Issuance policies and procedures.