Notifying DET and DHA for International Students

Revision Date: 25/02/2015 by Charter Australia


Charter Australia is a CRICOS Registered Training Organisation and as such will report to the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) as required. Charter Australia will notify DET and DHA of all international student enrolments, breaches of visa conditions and changes to visas or other prescribed matters. Charter Australia will notify DET and DHA where international students fail to meet attendance requirements or satisfactory course progress as per Charter Australia’s Policy and Procedures on Attendance and Course Progress Monitoring.


Charter Australia will ensure that DET is notified, within 14 days of:
  • Details of each accepted student on enrolment which includes:
    • Student’s full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, country of birth
    • Amount of money paid before confirmation of enrolment
    • Whether premiums have been paid for health insurance
    • An estimate of the total amount the student is required to pay to undertake the course
    • The number of the visa if the student holds an Australian visa and the Unique Student Identifier if issued
    • The office where the student’s application for a student visa was made or is expected to be made
    • The student’s passport number if the student was in Australia when he/she became an accepted student
    • The CRICOS course code
    • Any English language proficiency test undertaken and the score achieved
    • Starting date
    • Day accepted student is expected to complete the course
  • Termination of studies by an accepted student before completion of the course
  • Changes to identity or duration of any accepted student’s course
  • Any other prescribed matters
Prescribed information about an accepted student who does not commence on the nominated date, must include:
  • Student’s full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, country of birth
  • CRICOS course code
  • Agreed starting day and day when course is expected to be completed
  • The office where the student’s application for a student visa was made
  • Current residential address
Breaches of Visa Conditions
Charter Australia will also notify DET and DHA (via PRISMS) of any breaches by an accepted student of a student visa condition related to attendance or satisfactory academic performance as soon as practicable. The CEO will be involved at this stage to communicate the situation to the student in question. The student will be notified of such breaches by the CEO. The notice of breach will:
  • Contain particulars of the breach (e.g. unsatisfactory academic performance)
  • State that the student is required to attend before an officer within 28 days in order to explain the breach
  • State that the photo identification is required at the meeting
  • Set out the effects of such a breach.
Extending a Visa
Where a student’s visa is extended, DET and DHA will be notified of the extension via PRISMS.
  • Application to extend visa