Student Enrolment Policy and Procedure

Revision Date: 23/01/2016 by Charter Australia


To ensure that students are correctly enroled.


Applies for both domestic and international students’ enrolment.


Charter Australia enrols students who have:

  • Applied in the prescribed manner, either by direct application or, if appropriate, through an education agent;
  • Met the selection criteria for the course
  • Supplied accurate personal and academic information;
  • For government-subsidised places in a course, complete relevant information and declaration in regard to their eligibility for a government-subsidised place
  • Agreed to abide by Charter Australia’s policies, procedures and code of conduct;
  • Paid the prescribed fees in full (unless waived by the CEO or their nominee).


The CEO is responsible for the implementation of the enrolment policy and procedure.
The Student Support Officer is responsible for:
  • providing required course and enrolment information and related forms
  • helping students complete enrolment forms
  • checking eligibility evidence
  • calculating fees payable
  • raise invoices and raising refund applications in line with relevant fee policies,
  • processing student personal details change requests
  • helping new international students with enrolment, providing international students with student identification number, and authorising their course enrolment in line with the student’s registration on PRISMs.

Students are responsible for obtaining and completing required forms for enrolment (or cancellation of enrolment), providing accurate information at enrolment, providing eligibility evidence at enrolment where required for government-subsidised training, submitting all enrolment and related forms to student administration, paying any enrolment fees and charges within required timelines, providing required evidence of eligibility for a concession fee where relevant.


 1.    Enrolling in a course (Australian citizens, permanent residents or temporary residents)
Students must complete an enrolment form per course:
  • The enrolment form used must be in accordance with the student’s course category and funding type
  • Students enrolling in a government-subsidised place must satisfy relevant eligibility criteria and requirements, and present required documentation


    • Submit the online enrolment form via; or
    • Obtain the appropriate enrolment form from Student Administration or download from Charter’s website.
    • Submit completed enrolment form along with required documents/evidence as specified in the enrolment form and their Unique Student Identifier (USI) to Invoice will be raised and sent to the student after the enrolment is approved and processed.
    • Pay the fee as per invoice.

Student Support Officer:

    • Provide students with appropriate enrolment forms or direct students to the online application webpage
    • Process the enrolment application according to information received on hardcopy or online
    • For government-subsidised students, undertake eligibility check where not already completed
    • Issue Enrolment Confirmations
    • Verify enrolment fees in line with relevant government fee regulations and Charter’s fee schedule
    • Raise invoices and accept the payment of fees in full
    • Issue the student with a receipt upon request.
2.    Enrolling in a course (International students)


Steps may vary due to the visa requirements associated with your country of residence and nationality.
Step 1 1.1 Download the Application Form for International Students from Charter Australia’s website or submit online application form via Charter Australia’s website. 1.2 Fill in the application form and prepare certified copies of supporting documents - see the Attachment Checklist on the application form. 1.3 E-mail the completed Application Form along with the supporting documents to:
Step 2 Charter Education's administration team will check availability for your chosen course and ensure that you have met the necessary academic and English language entry requirements for the course you wish to study.
Step 3 If your application is successful we will issue you an offer via e-mail including: 3.1 A Letter of Offer and Statement of Fees 3.2 Acceptance of Offer and Written Agreement 3.3 Accommodation form (if applicable)
Step 4 To accept your offer, and confirm your place, you are required to: 4.1 Sign and return the 'Acceptance of Offer' document 4.2 Make payment as outlined in your Statement of Fees 4.3 Submit the completed accommodation form with preferences (if applicable)
Step 5 A welcome letter will be sent to you confirming your course and provided details. Along with this welcome letter you will receive: 5.1 the Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment document (eCOE) to apply for your Student Visa 5.2 confirmation of accommodation arrangement and airport reception if you have requested these
Step 6 You will now need to apply at your nearest Australian Overseas Diplomatic Mission for your visa to travel to Australia. Please refer to the immigration website -
Step 7 Once you arrive at the Campus you will be assisted through the process of orientation and starting your study with Charter Australia.
Step 8 All international students are required to obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your Australian Visa will enable you to use your passport as proof of ID when creating your USI. The Student Support Officer will assist you with obtaining your USI if required.

Student Support Officer:

    • Processes the completed form to check availability for course chosen, verify entry requirement and supporting documents
    • Dispatches Offer Pack to successful applicant, which include: Letter of Offer, Statement of Fees, Acceptance of Offer and Written Agreement and Accommodation form (if applicable)
    • Process Acceptance of Offer
    • Dispatch Welcome Letter along with ECoE
3. Cancelling enrolment in a course (Domestic students)


    • Submit written request for withdrawing from a course to the trainer or student support officer.

Student Support Officer

    • Check the student’s progress to date to confirm if there is any completed unit therefore a Statement of Attainment can be issued.
    • Calculate whether there should be any refund of material fees
    • Submit to CEO for approval, once approved,
    • Advise the student in writing the outcome
    • Processes any refund entitlements
    • Make relevant notation against the student’s record in the Charter’s Student Management System


Records will be maintained in line with:
  • PP - Record Retention and Reporting