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Credit Transfer

Students with prior learning from another Registered Training Organisation based in any State/Territory of Australia may apply to have credit transferred to their Charter Australia's program, which may fast-track their studies.

The following guidelines apply to applications for credit transfer to Charter Australia:

  1. Credit transfer is the recognition of learning achieved through formal education and training. Qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any RTO are to be accepted and recognised by all other RTOs.
  2. Any student is entitled to apply for credit transfer in a course or qualification in which they are currently enrolled.
  3. Students may not apply for credit transfer for units of competence or qualification which are not included in Charter Australia’s scope of registration.
  4. Whilst students may apply for credit transfer at any time, they are encouraged to apply before commencing a training program.
  5. The student does not incur any fees for credit transfer and Charter Australia does not receive any funding when credit transfer is granted.
  6. Credit transfer may only be awarded for whole units of competence.
  7. Credit transfer will only be issued when the student’s enrolment includes at least one other unit of competence for which the student is participating in training or is seeking recognition. Student may not enrol only for credit transfer.
  8. For full qualification enrolment, student can only be given credit transfer up to 50% of the total unit number required by the qualificaiton.
  9. To apply for credit transfer, the applicant must have submitted the enrolment application and a copy of Statement of Attainment for the units sought credit transfer. 

Credit Transfer Application Process

Step 1: Submit the enrolment application for the training program application to the units of competency for which credit transfer is requested.

Step 2: Complete the Credit Transfer Application Form below. Attach a copy of the qualification certificate or Statement of Attainment issued by another RTO, which contains the unit(s) for credit transfer.