Applying to Charter Australia is simple

How to Apply


1. Before You Apply

Before you apply to study at Charter Australia, you should check what documents and evidence you will need to provide.

  • Proof of your identity and residency status, such as your passport identification page and passport visa page, visa grant letter, birth certificate or citizenship certificate
  • English test results, such as valid IELTS or TOEFL test results
  • An official transcript of your academic records for each course attempted
  • An official English translation of any academic or supporting documentation not issued in English
  • Completed GTE Form

2. Submit Your Application

Choose the course on which you want to enrol in, and submit your application and supporting documents through the course page or through Charter Australia's recruitment agents.

These Student Recruitment Agents are more than happy to discuss study options available at Charter Australia and can assist you in preparing and submitting your application.

3. Receive Your Letter of Offer

After your application to Charter Australia has been assessed and a decision made, you will receive a Letter of Offer by email.

4. Accepting Your Letter of Offer

The Letter of Offer contains instructions on how to accept your offer and Charter Australia's tuition fee and refund policy. This information should be read thoroughly.

If you successfully complete the steps, an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) will be emailed to you or your Charter Australia representative. You will use this document to apply for your student visa.

5. Apply for Your Visa

For information on how to apply for your student visa, go to the Department of Home Affairs Website. The process may be different depending on the country where you live.

6. Course commences

Once you have received your student visa, you can travel to Australia ready to attend the Charter Australia International Orientation.

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