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What is a Traineeship in Health Services?

A work-based training program designed to provide individuals with practical skills and knowledge required for a specific role within the healthcare industry. Traineeships often combine formal learning through Charter Education and on-the-job training at your workplace, allowing trainees to earn a nationally recognized qualification while gaining valuable work experience.

In the context of aged care and hospitals, a health services traineeship can cover a wide range of roles, including:

  • Aged Care Worker
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Community worker
  • Disability Care Worker

The traineeships usually last between 12 to 24 months, depending on the level of qualification and the nature of the work. 

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What are the Benefits of employing a Trainee?

Train Your Way

You get an opportunity to train in the skills and processes suited to your organisation. The training received has been developed in conjunction with industry, and is delivered by Charter Education.

Retain Talent

Your trainee will be more invested in your business, with statistics showing that around 50% stay in the same occupation and many others move into new roles in their industry.

Build Capability

An effective way to help meet the demands of the business and increase production. You are not just investing in the trainee, but also in the future of your organisation.

Financial Benefit 

Employers who hire trainees can access the financial benefits including payroll tax rebates, workers' compensation premium reduction, wage subsidies and training subsidies offered by the NSW Government.

Fresh Perspective

Bring ‘new life’ into the workplace through a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. It also provides an opportunity for long term staff members to impart their knowledge and skills.

What Qualifications and Job Roles can we assist with?

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What Incentives and Funding are Available?

As a host Employer there are a range you may be eligible for, including - 

  • Payroll Tax Rebates: Employers could be eligible for rebates on payroll tax for employing trainees.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance - Apprenticeship Incentive Scheme
  • Wages subsidy up to ($1500 per quarter) Employer Incentives 
  • Training Subsidies: The NSW Government has provided subsidies to cover the cost of the formal education component of the traineeship.

Your Charter Education Traineeship Manager will talk you through what may be accessible by your organisation.

Partner with Charter Education(1)

At Charter Australia we are here to partner with you and make employing a trainee an easy process with a successful outcome for all parties. What’s more we are here with you throughout, drawing on our experience to support you and your trainee.

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